Lancaster Mini Golf Course

In 1916 young Professor Duffer A. Hacker began a search for treasure and artifacts in the Lancaster area. One rumor was that there were stashes of gold and jewels buried east of the Conestoga. Hacker’s research revealed that Lancaster was the capital of the new United States for one day in September 1777, before the Continental Congress escaped over the Susquehanna to safety. When the British invaded Philadelphia in 1777 the “Signers” fled west. Fearing capture or loss crossing The Conestoga River, one “Signer” lagged behind and buried his very heavy load near a purple leaved tree. Follow Professor Hacker on his expeditions and see if you can find the treasure supposedly hidden near a tree with purple leaves. If you are feeling extra adventurous be sure to attempt to escape the maze Professor Hacker also discovered on his journey. We hope you enjoy this Lancaster mini golf course!


  • Two 18 Hole Miniature Golf Courses
  • Maze

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