All of Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf courses are fun for the entire family to play. Since we want everyone to join in on the fun, we are offering $1 off adult general admission per person! No need to print, just show your cashier the coupon from your mobile device.

**discount valid until 6pm**

After playing your first round at any of the Professor Hacker’s miniature golf courses, ask an Expedition Guide about the Mystery Hole. You may have won a free game. The Mystery Hole changes every day and is not revealed until you are finished with your round on that particular course.

If you did not win a free game, don’t worry. We offer a discounted price for each round following your first one, but you have to play those next rounds that day in order to receive the discounted rate. Prices do vary between the different locations.

Also, depending on the size of your group, Professor Hacker’s courses offer group rates. This rate also varies between the different locations of Professor Hacker’s miniature golf courses.

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