Miniature Golf Courses

There are 10 different Professor Hacker’s miniature golf courses with locations in 6 different states. Each one provides two fun and exciting 18 hole adventure style courses. 5 of the locations offer an exciting train ride that will take you from the clubhouse to the 1st holes of each course.

At Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf and Raceway located in Salter Path, NC, there are not only two 18 hole miniature golf courses with a train that will take you to the first hole, but there are also fast go-carts, fun bumper boats, and an mining sluice for all ages. If you are visiting Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf and Maze in Lancaster, PA, be sure to get lost in our Maze after your rounds of miniature golf with Professor Hacker.

At Professor Hacker’s Dinosaur Adventure, in N. Myrtle Beach, SC, and Professor Hacker’s Dinosaur Canyon, in Branson, MO, you will putt your way along the exciting miniature golf course with dinosaurs.

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